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Erotic Asian Massage In Sydney

Asian cultures have brought the world many useful products, services and innovations, from religion all the way through to robotics.

In our opinion the best invention to come out of Asia has been massage. Asia’s contribution to massage has been enormous. The good news for you is that you do not have to fly all the way to Asia to try these therapies, you can find erotic Asian massage in London too.

So below we have listed some of our favourite Asian sensual massage styles. If you enjoy any off the therapies listed please let us know on our twitter or Facebook page.

Top 4 Erotic Asian massages to try in Sydney –

Japanese Nuru Massage –

If you are a fan of erotic massage you have probably heard of nuru massage already. This style of massage originated in Japan and has since gone on to achieve big success around the globe.

The key ingredient to nuru massage is of course the unique nuru gel, which is manufactured from seaweed. This gel is extremely slippery, if you were to put this gel on the road, cars would be slipping all over the place. It is the perfect substance for erotic body to body massage.

There are many providers of nuru massage in Sydney, including us, so if you have not tried this therapy yet then we suggest you do.

Sensual Thai Massage –

Thai massage is not designed to be sensual, however if you have ever visited certain massage shops in Bangkok you will notice how the massage session will go from a regular Thai massage into a sensual one.

This in essence has created its own unique therapy that many massage punters and providers simply call sensual Thai massage. Having a regular Thai massage is a great way to start an erotic session as the moves and nature of this massage has the effect of calming both the body and mind.

Soapy Body 2 Body Massage –

Similar to nuru massage, but instead the masseuse will use shower gel and a sponge. She will skillfully and very sensually massage your whole body using her hands and body.

Not only will you feel very clean after a soapy massage but you probably feel fully sexually relieved too.

Kaishun Massage –

This therapy is not actually well known in Sydney but there are still a few Asian massage providers who do Kaishun massage.

Essentially Kaishun massage is the complete erotic massage package and includes a massage of the body, penis, and anus and concludes with a happy ending.

This massage is very popular in Japan and Korea, and many of the providers who offer Kaishun massage in Sydney will probably be from either of those countries.

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