What Is Dark Tantra

Dark Tantra Massage In Sydney

If are a regular sensual massage goer, and you know a little about tantric massage, you may have come across a certain type of massage called Dark Tantra.

If you search for dark tantra massage Sydney on google you will not find too much information about this session. There are not many tantric massage therapists in Sydney who offer this unique therapy.

So what is a dark tantra massage?

This name itself conjures images of a sexy Indian tantric goddess in a tent in ancient Indian, with both the man and women locked in passionate love making ecstasy.

Ok maybe that’s just our weird imagination.

However, that image is not too far from the truth. Dark tantra massage is the same as tantric massage bit with more of darker element to it. You could almost call it tantric massage meets bdsm.

So what happens in the dark tantric massage session?

All the same things as a regular tantric massage session apart from things such as the woman flicking and squeezing your nipple or insert her nails into your skin and running them down your body.

She may even bite you on the bum or neck, she will completely tease your body in both a painful but also pleasurable way. And just like a tantric massage she will provide with a lingam massage that will be pure ecstasy. The massage will start off in hell and end in heaven.

If you are someone who like the real kinky naughty side of massage, almost bdsm style but possibly as intense. You also like the intensity and ecstasy of tantric massage, then we fully recommend trying this session.

We are one of only a handful of places who offer dark tantra massage in Sydney. So if you want to try this secretive and deeply, and sometimes, painfully erotic session please feel free to contact us.

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