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Full Service Massage In Sydney

Want to know what happens in this session? Then read on...

There are many different types of massage on the market. Too many to keep track of, in fact. Swedish massage, hot stone massage, deep tissue, Shiatsu, reflexology… but by far, one of the most fun types available is a full-service massage.

However, that can be a confusing term.

So what is a “full-service massage,” exactly?

It’s somewhere between visiting a masseuse and visiting an escort – but here are some qualities that set it apart from both of those services…

It involves both foreplay and an eventual release.

Standard massages can be frustrating, because sometimes they get you all revved up and then leave you hanging. All that sensual touch without a climactic conclusion can leave you feeling unsatisfied, even if the massage itself was a beautiful, relaxing experience.

Similarly, the services of an escort can sometimes be too focused on the release, perhaps to the exclusion of other joys that might lead up to it.

A sexual encounter should never be a race toward the finish line – you ought to be able to enjoy the scenic view on your journey!

A full-service massage combines the best of both worlds, eliminating the pitfalls each of these services are prone to.

You get all the sexy lead-up of a deep, relaxing tantric massage, and then the gratifying follow-through of a deep intimate encounter.

You’ve probably noticed that sex with lengthy foreplay often produces the best end results, and a full-service massage is like that, cranked up to eleven. There is nothing else like it!


It’s just as sensual as it is sexual. Let us tell you why...

While some escorts prefer to remain arm’s-length from their clients both physically and emotionally, full-service massage includes all the sensual details that make a sexual encounter truly exciting.

From kissing, to a shared shower, to oral stimulation, you’ll share an experience with your masseuse that is both deeply relaxing and wonderfully exciting.

It’s all about you.

We have so few opportunities in life to focus fully on our own pleasure, without immediately being accused of selfishness by those around us.

The truth is, sometimes you need to be selfish for a while to refill your stores of emotional energy. You can’t fill others up if you yourself are empty!

A full-service massage is all about your pleasure.

You don’t need to worry about making your masseuse feel good, unless that’s what would truly bring you joy. Just relax into what you’re feeling, and rest assured knowing nothing else is expected of you. Ah, bliss!

It will benefit your sex life going forward. Tantric massage teaches you to focus deeply on the sensations you’re receiving. It can be like a form of mindfulness meditation – only a lot more pleasurable!

This ability to relax and focus on what your body is feeling will be enormously helpful in all your future sexual experiences.

The more you practice these skills, the quicker you’ll be able to release sexual anxieties and focus on pleasure instead, whether you’re with a professional or a partner.

And everyone could use a little more pleasure in their life!

Would you ever seek a full-service massage? What excites you most about this idea?

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