Best Happy Ending

Best Happy Ending Massage Sydney Has Ever Seen (and felt).

Let us tell you why a hand relief massage is so therapeutic.

If you ask a guy why then like hand relief then they may stare at in amazement and just say ‘duh!’

Of course of a primary level it is easy to understand, a hand job feels great. It releases a chemical known as endorphin's into the brain, the same chemical is released when having sex, eating chocolate and taking heroin.

(Just as a disclaimer, we would advise you not to do all those things mentioned above at once, as your head would probably explode).

However, we think there are many reason why guys like a nice hand job massage. One is it feels like you have a certain level of empowerment – ‘look at me having a beautiful woman giving me a hand job.’

Another reason could be to satisfy boredom. A lingam massage, as part of a tantric massage especially, should be seen as a spiritual thing to do, however may massage goers are do not have thoughts about this and simply want a bit fun, and there is nothing wrong with that.

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However, let’s be clear, there is a big difference between a quick rub and tug and actual professional lingam massage.

If you think you have had a great hand job when a woman just rubs your shaft up and down then you have really missed out on life.

We strongly advise you to have a professional erotic massage with a masseuse who is trained in tantric massage and knows how to massage a penis for maximum pleasure.

We could go into the finer details and tell about the different hand techniques that are used in a lingam massage or you could just come making a booking with us to find out for yourself.

Your choice – what’s it going to be buddy?

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