Sexy Chocolate Massage

The Benefits Of Chocolate Massage

A delicious chocolate-themed treatment boasts many heavenly benefits.

A chocolate massage combines two pleasurable experiences to create a uniquely memorable encounter. The sweet treat is a popular massage treatment in high-end spas all over the world. To enjoy a little self-loving, without the added calories, a chocolate massage is a great personal reward.

A Little Bit Of What You Fancy

Cocoa powder and cocoa butter are two of the major products made from the cocoa bean. When combined together they create chocolate.

Cocoa butter is a great massage medium that boasts therapeutic and psychological benefits. Its combination of fats is solid at room temperature, but becomes liquid when applied to the natural temperature of the body.

For this reason cocoa butter is a popular ingredient in body moisturisers, body butters and creams. It can also be mixed with sweet almond oil to increase the liquidity, and a little cocoa powder to enhance the aroma.

Why Chocolate Is Good For Your Body

Chocolate is an exceptional massage medium that isn’t just for special occasions.

The high levels of antioxidants, contained in cocoa butter, help to fight off free radicals, and to reduce stress and signs of ageing. Antioxidants plump up the skin making it feel firmer and more elastic, and help the skin cells to build collagen and elastin.

Cocoa butter is highly beneficial for dry skin conditions like eczema, as it is extremely moisturising. The richness of the butter ensures that the skin retains moisture long after the massage has ended.

Cocoa helps to amplify the benefits of the endorphin rush that massage provides. Endorphin's are the body’s natural hormones that ease pain and make you feel good. When using chocolate during massage, the pleasurable aroma also causes feelings of euphoria.

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