Sensual 4 Hands Massage In Sydney

What is an Erotic Four Hand Massage?

An erotic four hand massage is just that – an erotic massage performed by four hands instead of two! Double the fun, double the pleasure.

The art of four hand massage gained popularity in the Orient, but can now be enjoyed in massage parlours across the world.  It is worth noting here that a four hand massage is not simply a case of two masseuses doing their own thing – instead they will synchronise their movements, to ensure that you get a truly mind blowing massage experience.


What happens during an Erotic Four Hand Massage session?

If you have never experienced a massage before you may not be sure what to expect from your first session, but there is nothing to worry about. You will be looked after by two trained, dedicated masseuses who will do everything that they can to reassure you at the beginning of your session, so that you can truly let go and enjoy your four hand massage experience.

Before your massage you will be asked to remove all of your clothes, but you can have a towel to cover your mid section to begin with, if that makes you more comfortable.  Your masseuses will ask you to lie on a massage table, bed or couch and make sure that you are comfortable. They will then begin their work.


Your therapists will begin by massaging your back: your shoulders, neck, buttocks thighs ankles and feet. They will use luxurious body oils to enable their hands to slide easily across your body.

Your masseuses will use slow, sensuous movements, and different pressures, to make sure that every muscle in your body gets the attention that it needs. This is an erotic massage, so your therapists will pay special attention to your erogenous zones - such as the inner thighs.

When your therapists have finished massaging your back they will ask you to turn over so that they can begin work on your front, paying extra special attention to your chest and thighs will ensure that you get the most out of this sensory experience.


Why should you have an Erotic Four Hand Massage?

Any kind of massage is good for you – not just physically but emotionally and mentally too. Massage is shown to reduce stress levels, improve circulation and even boost body confidence.  A four hand massage boosts all of the benefits of an ordinary erotic massage.

If you have had an ordinary erotic massage before then a four hand massage is a natural progression – four hands are surely better than two! If you haven’t had a massage session before, then beginning with a four hand massage is a real treat – you will leave feeling satisfied and relaxed

An erotic four hand massage performed by experienced therapists is the ultimate erotic experience - one that you are sure to enjoy and want to repeat.

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