Sensual Lesbian Massage In Sydney

Erotic Female to Female massage in Sydney is blowing up in popularity, and for good reason: it’s fun, rejuvenating, and feels great!

But with most sensual massage services being marketed toward men, you might be wondering: what could I, as a woman, get out of a massage like this? This question might weigh even more heavily on your mind if you’re straight, and unsure you can get pleasure out of a woman touching you.


Well, set those worries to rest! Here are five reasons many women absolutely love lesbian nuru massage, even if they’re straight:

It’s all about you -

Heterosexual sex, with all its focus on intercourse and penile pleasure, often leaves women aching for more. We even see this reflected in mainstream porn, where blow-jobs and penis-in-vagina sex are prioritised far more highly than anything clitoral or sensual.

When a woman massages you, she’s focusing entirely on you and your enjoyment – and because she’s a woman, she knows just what to do to make you feel lovely!

It’s relaxing -

Even in our current, supposedly post-feminist society, women still end up doing most of the housework and emotional labor in opposite-sex relationships. This isn’t fair or logical, but it’s sadly still true.

Treating yourself to a lesbian massage in Sydney can help you release all your responsibilities and worries for a little while, and just focus on your own pleasure for once.

Men can be intimidating -

While obviously #NotAllMen are creeps or harassers, it’s easy to understand why some women might feel nervous seeking a male masseuse to touch them in vulnerable ways.

Even if you’re not sexually attracted to women, the comparative lack of fear and apprehension with a female masseuse versus a male one might help you relax into the sensations you’re there to enjoy.

You never know what might turn you on -

Studies suggest women’s sexuality is more fluid than men’s, or at least that women can get turned on by a wider variety of stimuli than men usually can. You might as well take advantage of that superpower!

Allow yourself to be surprised by what kinds of people and situations can turn your crank. You might even discover a delicious new fantasy or a burgeoning bi-curiosity!

It’ll give you new skills and ideas -

Massages can introduce you to new ways of touching and being touched, new depths of relaxation, and maybe even new fantasies as your mind lustfully wanders.

You can take these power-ups with you into your relationship(s), future hook-ups, and even just future masturbation sessions. Expanding your sexual and sensual horizons is a wonderful gift to give yourself!

Have you ever been curious about getting a lesbian erotic massage?