Mutual Massage In Sydney

This is your chance to give a beautiful woman a sensual massage.

Mutual massage is a sensual way to fire up your sex life. Massaging someone’s skin feels great and it makes them feel good too. If you need some practise or some tips, or just like to massage beautiful women, then come join us for a special Sydney mutual massage.


How to give a female a fantastic orgasmic sensual massage...

The first step is not to rush, make sure you have plenty of time so she can feel pampered and relaxed.  The room should be warm and your bed or futon clean and comfortable.

Low lighting and soft music help to relax most women and sets the scene for sensual fun...

·         Use plenty of massage oil and begin to rub her shoulders, back and legs as this gives her time to feel good and become aroused. After you’ve worked out any muscle knots you should gently massage the area around her breasts before lightly teasing her breasts and nipples.

·         When she is fully relaxed you can move onto her upper thighs stroking from her knees to her labia in long motions before finally stroking her outer labia in small circles.

·         Once she is breathing deeply and squirming with pleasure gently insert your fingers to stimulate her G spot. You can find this by curling your forefinger in a ‘come here’ motion. At the same time you can stroke her clitoris with your thumb.

Try different strokes until she indicates that she’s enjoying it – moaning and deep breathing are signs you’re doing a good job.

Woman don’t like too much chopping or changing and need consistent, unrushed motions to climax.

Be guided by her response and remember that slow and steady wins the race. Our girls will show you exactly how to sensually and skillfully massage a woman.


Does sound like something you want to do?

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