Nuru Massage In Sydney

Like all forms of massage, a nuru massage can help alleviate stress and tension, and help the physical self by boosting the circulation and relaxing tired, aching muscles.

Receiving a massage can also boost body confidence and increase libido.

But nuru massage is first and foremost an erotic massage, designed to stimulate the erogenous zones and provide sexual release.  The sensation of having someone’s entire body sliding over your own is incredibly erotic – a maximum impact massage experience.


So what happens during a nuru massage session?

First you will meet your massage therapist, who will take you to a warm, comfortable room. You will both remove your clothes and the oil – warmed up for comfort – will be liberally applied to both of your bodies.  

Once you have enjoyed slathering oil over one another you will retire to a bed and your massage session will begin.

You may want to begin your session laying on your front, to increase anticipation. Your agile masseuse will work her entire body over yours, and use her hands to apply extra pressure in certain areas. When you are both ready you will be asked to roll over so that you get the full body treatment.

Erotic, exotic, and guaranteed to leave you feeling relaxed and satisfied, a full body nuru massage is an experience that should be enjoyed at least once.

If you want to know more we encourage you to read Slippery Nuru Massage from NYC Nuru, who do a great job of going into the details of this session.

The history of nuru massage

Like many forms of erotic massage, nuru massage originated in the East – more specifically Japan. The difference between this type of massage and a standard body to body massage is the gel used; nuru gel is extremely slippery, making it an ideal lubricant for a masseuse to use on a client.

Nuru gel is derived from a species of brown seaweed, to which soothing extracts of chamomile, aloe vera, and other natural extracts may be added. However, despite its marine origins, this gel is completely odourless and see-through.

This super slippery gel doesn’t stain the skin or clothing, making it ideal for erotic massage. The seaweed it comes from is edible – it’s sometimes used in sushi. 

Authentic high quality nuru gel is highly sought after, and carries a much higher price tag than other massage oils and lubricants. Authentic nuru gel is 100 per cent natural so is better for the skin than synthetic oils, however some manufactures may choose to add glycerine and other properties to make it even more slippery.

Nuru massage has been enjoyed in the East for decades and has become very popular in Australia.

The intensely sensual nature of this intimate therapy means that it has also become acceptable and popular with women and couples too.




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