Soapy Massage In Sydney

A soapy massage is an erotic full body to body massage using soapsuds as a lubricant. During a soapy massage your massage therapist will use her whole body to deliver an intense, satisfying massage experience.

Any form of erotic massage is designed to power up and deliver satisfaction to the erogenous areas, but what many forget is that the skin itself – all of it, is an erogenous zone, so an entire body pressed up against your skin will deliver powerful feelings of arousal and intimacy.


Where did soapy massage originate?

Soapy massage gained popularity in the massage parlours of Bali; it is similar to a Japanese nuru massage, where expensive nuru gel is used as a whole body lubricant.  Using soap instead of oil, a soapy massage is perhaps less formal seeming – and more fun, than a nuru massage, making it an ideal experience for someone new to massage.


What happens during a soapy massage?

A soapy massage in Sydney needs to take place in a specially adapted massage parlour – as things will get wet! At the beginning of your massage session you will be invited to shower, then guided to a waterproof mattress, where your naked masseuse will lather you up with soap bubbles, ready to begin your session.

During your massage experience your experienced therapist will glide her entire body against yours ensuring maximum physical contact. She may use her hands for added pressure in certain areas, if required.

You will normally begin a soapy massage session laying on your front, and then be asked to turn over, so that your massage therapist can work her magic on the front of your body.

When you have finished your soapy massage session you will be able to have another shower, perhaps with your therapist, to unwind and wash off any excess soapiness.


Why you should have a soapy massage...

First and foremost, a soapy massage is an erotic massage, undertaken to arouse and provide sexual fulfilment.  As with other forms of massage, the slow, sensuous nature of a soapy massage will provide an intense sense of gratification, leaving you feeling truly sated and relaxed

In addition to the erotic benefits, a soapy massage may leave you feeling less stressed, and the attention paid to your muscles will have benefits to your physical health by temporarily improving flexibility and blood circulation. Regular massage sessions have been shown to have significant, long term health benefits.

The fun and informal nature of a soapy massage makes it an ideal form of massage for a first time massage client. You may find that a massage session with a caring therapist increases your body confidence.

Whether you are first time massage service user or a devoted regular wanting to try something new, you can rest assured that your therapist will work hard to make sure that you get the maximum benefit from your soapy massage session.

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